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Sunday, October 1, 2017

My take on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here!!!! I own an S8+ and i am a HUGE note series fan. You can call me a fan boy. So what is different this time around? Do i regret buying the s8+ rather than to wait a few months until note 8 arrived? Not really actually.

Really2 slick device. I bet the dual camera setup is sick. the 6.3" Infinity display is gorgeous. But i hate the fingerprint reader at the back. I hate the one in my s8+ too. When i have my Xiaomi MiMax i can always unlock my phone with 1 try but my s8+ one try unlock is like a jackpot. You don't usually get it right away.

Why can't the make it like Xiaomi's?  WHY????? Well, the finger recognition is pretty fast if you get it right. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. But in this case, RM3699 for a phone is a not exactly beggars play right?

If i remember correctly, and correct me if I'am wrong, when i bought my 1st note (NOTE 1), I bought at the time was RM 2399. Later on, the Note 1 being replace by Note 2 and i believed it cost almost the same as its predecessor. But didn't bought Note 2 since I don't really see a big margin of technology advances at the time (tho dual core to quad core CPU is quite significant) but it didn't justify enough for me to replace my Note 1.

Then a few years later, Samsung released the Note 3 which comes with 1080p screen and 16MP rear camera. A faster CPU but in my opinion not much upgrade from Note 2. Since i still using the 1st note, i believed it is the right time to upgrade. You see, from 1 to 3 to really do upgrade a lot. Then come along note 4 with its nice steel side design and cost around 3k mark. So i bought my self a used PINK note 4 for 1.3K which is a steel.

In 2015 , Samsung introduced the all new new Note 5 that comes with a design of front and rear glass. The main differences between 4 and 6 is that THERE IS NO MEMORY CARD SLOT AND NON REMOVABLE BATTERY, I mean come on, i can live (maybe) with the battery but i cant live without extra storage. I mean all my files is in my memory card and they removed it and call it a advancement of the previous model? well not for me. i stick with my Note 4 anytime. Any way, Note 5 at the time will cost you around RM 2699 - RM 3K and we know what happen to Note 7 so not going to discuss about it.

Well this  note 8 will cost you around 4-5K which is iphone price territory. It makes me think twice before considering spending over 4K for phone even for a Note fanboy. It is basically a bigger s8+ with 6GB ram, dual camera and a S-pen. S-pen is really a handy feature for me as i always take notes in courses or meetings. but for normal person, how many time that u use that dual camera function and how many time u will used that 6GB of ram to its max? I dont think that many to justify the price point. But being a fan boy, if i have the money i will take it. It is not a must but yea, would like to have it.

Lets talk about specs.

CPU =Exynos 8895 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 depending on your region/area. Both is quad core with Mali G71 or Adreno 540 GPU.

Ram = 6GB Ram 

Storage = 64/128/256 gb

Camera : Dual 12MP with OIS in both lense

Battery : 3300 mAh

It has iris and fingerprint scanner too.

Sorry, too lazy to write down the entire specs. But i believe that the only specs that majority of people care the most.

Personally for me, i love and hate it at the same time. I hate the position of the fingerprint scanner and i hate the battery life (s8+ have a horible battery life too). But i really love the screen and the camera. Maybe i get one in the future or maybe not. Right now i still hv my note 4 as my daily digital note book. That is all. Byeee...

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