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Sunday, October 1, 2017

My take on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here!!!! I own an S8+ and i am a HUGE note series fan. You can call me a fan boy. So what is different this time around? Do i regret buying the s8+ rather than to wait a few months until note 8 arrived? Not really actually.

Really2 slick device. I bet the dual camera setup is sick. the 6.3" Infinity display is gorgeous. But i hate the fingerprint reader at the back. I hate the one in my s8+ too. When i have my Xiaomi MiMax i can always unlock my phone with 1 try but my s8+ one try unlock is like a jackpot. You don't usually get it right away.

Why can't the make it like Xiaomi's?  WHY????? Well, the finger recognition is pretty fast if you get it right. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. But in this case, RM3699 for a phone is a not exactly beggars play right?

If i remember correctly, and correct me if I'am wrong, when i bought my 1st note (NOTE 1), I bought at the time was RM 2399. Later on, the Note 1 being replace by Note 2 and i believed it cost almost the same as its predecessor. But didn't bought Note 2 since I don't really see a big margin of technology advances at the time (tho dual core to quad core CPU is quite significant) but it didn't justify enough for me to replace my Note 1.

Then a few years later, Samsung released the Note 3 which comes with 1080p screen and 16MP rear camera. A faster CPU but in my opinion not much upgrade from Note 2. Since i still using the 1st note, i believed it is the right time to upgrade. You see, from 1 to 3 to really do upgrade a lot. Then come along note 4 with its nice steel side design and cost around 3k mark. So i bought my self a used PINK note 4 for 1.3K which is a steel.

In 2015 , Samsung introduced the all new new Note 5 that comes with a design of front and rear glass. The main differences between 4 and 6 is that THERE IS NO MEMORY CARD SLOT AND NON REMOVABLE BATTERY, I mean come on, i can live (maybe) with the battery but i cant live without extra storage. I mean all my files is in my memory card and they removed it and call it a advancement of the previous model? well not for me. i stick with my Note 4 anytime. Any way, Note 5 at the time will cost you around RM 2699 - RM 3K and we know what happen to Note 7 so not going to discuss about it.

Well this  note 8 will cost you around 4-5K which is iphone price territory. It makes me think twice before considering spending over 4K for phone even for a Note fanboy. It is basically a bigger s8+ with 6GB ram, dual camera and a S-pen. S-pen is really a handy feature for me as i always take notes in courses or meetings. but for normal person, how many time that u use that dual camera function and how many time u will used that 6GB of ram to its max? I dont think that many to justify the price point. But being a fan boy, if i have the money i will take it. It is not a must but yea, would like to have it.

Lets talk about specs.

CPU =Exynos 8895 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 depending on your region/area. Both is quad core with Mali G71 or Adreno 540 GPU.

Ram = 6GB Ram 

Storage = 64/128/256 gb

Camera : Dual 12MP with OIS in both lense

Battery : 3300 mAh

It has iris and fingerprint scanner too.

Sorry, too lazy to write down the entire specs. But i believe that the only specs that majority of people care the most.

Personally for me, i love and hate it at the same time. I hate the position of the fingerprint scanner and i hate the battery life (s8+ have a horible battery life too). But i really love the screen and the camera. Maybe i get one in the future or maybe not. Right now i still hv my note 4 as my daily digital note book. That is all. Byeee...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A trip to the all new Sibu Indoor Stadium

Hey hey hey. My trip to Sibu is a look around in the NEW Sibu indoor stadium which is a really fantastic stadium. It will host the badminton event for the Sarawak's Sukma this coming July. For all i know, I can't wait to test out the badminton court. hahaha. If I been a given a chance la someday. I don't know the exact capacity of the stadium but I think it can easily fits around 10k people. Mayb but who noes. Cheers

Outdoor view of the indoor stadium

The badminton court

Painting the indoor running track

View inside the stadium

Ticketing booth. looks like prison bars. PRISON BREAK ON!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pezzo Pizza

Well we have a new hot item in kch. PEZZO PIZZA. A joint venture with Sugarbun and it hit Kuching like a storm. Coming from singapore and are in several places in kch, city one megamall, next to jimisar stampin and giant stutong just to name a few. At the moment theres only 6 choices of stuffing and 3 options of 1 slices (rm650), 3 slices (rm18.90) and 6 slices (rm37.55).
It has a thick crust and the toppis are generous too. A rival indeed for pizza hut (not that i eat pizza that much). Go and try and check it out.

Friday, September 25, 2015


Well for those who enjoy bakso as much as me, i went to this place near semariang which cooked and served by indonesian which i find authentic and delicious as well.

It have 2 kind of noodles, big yellow noodles and beehoon. Few meat balls, beef and a very spicy sauce adds the kick of it.

Monday, September 7, 2015

My mobile phones memories

When i was in form 2 i was so envious at other kids who have nokia 3310, i ask my dad but what i get is a scolding "why ur grades are soo bad? next year PMR!! and get throw at with AA battery. bc hati ka meli talipaun". So, in order to satisfy my lust, i work at H20 sarawak plaza for a month for rm2/hr on end of the year school holiday.

So at the end of the month i have enough money to buy myself a phone, opting for nokia 2100 instead of 3310 because it have a slot at the back that we can insert passport picture, so i put in a pic of my gerek at the time la

After that i came up a lame excuse to my boss so i can quit working and spend the remaining 3 weeks or so with my new phone and spare money hanging out at;

1. KP
2. SP
3. Alacarte
4. Museum
5. Parkson
6. Electra house
7. Wisma satok
8. Hopoh
9. Saberkas
10. mun rajin - MJC

I really love my phone 2100.
Well, Thinking about old phone makes me want to make a post about phone that i used over the years.

1. Nokia 210

This is my first mobile phone. What i like about this is;

1. Polyphonic ringtones
2. Colorful casing/easy to change
3. passport size picture holder at the back
4. lightweight
5. soft keys easy to type with it.

2. Bird A120

I bought this after i finished PMR, after getting a good result and my parent give me 100 for each A. i get 5A's muahahahha. I bought this phone in Sungei Wang in KL when we on holiday in KL. I really like the phone coz;

1. its a flip phone, what is there not to like ( i dont care about the brand)
2. Metaliic looks with external screen
3. lightweight
4. its a flip!
5. Its a flip!! just close the flip to end call which is COOL!!!

3. Nokia 3650

Damn!! my 1st smartphone!! powered by symbian the true multi tasking operation system. Symbian is the today's android. U can practically do anything with it. Once i install DOOM game and played with it for hours. Install microsoft office application and it became my mini computer. It has infrared port and replaced can replace my tv remote. My portable mp3 and video player, my digital camera (coz 0.3mp is the bomb back then).

1. Bulky but COOL!!!!
2. Odd arrangement of keys but TOO COOL TO GIVE A F$@k!
3. Bluetooth power!!!
4. Infrared power!!!!!
5. Expandable memory card!!!!!!! MORE MP3 MORE VIDS!!
6. TFT color screen. Back then this was considered super ultra HD.
7. 0.3 Camera. Ohhhh snapshot at its best

4. Motorola V3x

Continuing the tradition of flip phone, i manage to get v3x from ebay. Used phone but still in a good condition. It is a cool phone, really! I didn't get the razr series because it is to slim and feel fragile in my hands. It has good camera with macro and normal setting that can be adjusted with a toggle when you flip the phone. I has a flash for night photo and overall a cool killer phone, suit my needs.

1. cool flip mechanism, easy to flip open with spring loaded recoil.
2. clear color screen.
3. 2 mp main camera with 0.3mp face facing camera which is nicceeee
4. external screen for simple navigation and view text messages.
5. mp3 ready phone with external memory slot.
6. tactile and responsive keypads compare to razr series.
7. cool form factor! (did i mention this before?)

5. Motorola E680

I ordered this phone from ebay and it is a used phone but in a good condition. At the time i was into touch screen so i opt for this beast. Yes you cant compare the screen size with today's smartphone but back in the days, it was good enough. Besides it is a entertainment phone with stereo speakers and multi directional d-pad. Comes with memory card slot and once my main video player, 3gp style hehe.

1. full touch screen
2. stereo speakers, very loud and clear with bassy effect.
3. cool form factor
4. rear camera 0.3mp but i was good enough

6. Nokia 6600 and Nokia 6670

Came the days of the mighty NOKIA SABUN!!! together with note Nokia 6670 aka daun2, They are the most wanted phones of the year! I bought this from one of my bestest friend and my sister for a bargain and really love its versatility as a smartphone and it was my everything except for a kitchen sink.

1. unique design
2. symbian power
3. wide range of connectivity
4. unlimited apps
5. memory expansion

7. Sony Ericsson S700i

Aaaaaa, i just love japan technology. This phone is a masterpiece and i regret letting it go last time. Even only using 1.3mp back camera, the picture is superb thanks to its lenses (CCD over CMOS). I love playing one tennis game pre-loaded with the phone but i really2 love the camera!!! too bad it only support up to 128mb of memory stick. but you dont find this design any more nowadays.

1. Great camera
2. Swerve design WOW
3. bright screen
4. good tactile keypads

8. Sony Ericsson P990i

My first PDA / smartphone and i love its dual keypad. Flip the numeric keypad and revealed to you the marvelous QWERTY keyboard. It is a bit bulky and heavy at time but not much bother to me. The camera is ok with only 2MP but the overall construction is unique. Besides u can remove the numerical keypad and use qwerty only. cool!!

1. 2 types of input
2. large screen
3. range of connectivity options
4. unique design

9. Sony Ericson W700i

Do you still remember your old walkman? either cassette or disc player? who wouldn't. This is not a smart phone but it is definitely one heck of a cool phone. I got this from a swap with my friend with the p990i. I got this baby for the bass, for the bass yeah!!!

1. small form factor
2. good audio quality
3. easy to type on

10. Nokia N82

Bought the phone from my friend and i'm immediately impress with the camera and its xenon flash. My personal compact camera at the time and symbian is great. Great phone overall as the brand N-series screams quality. Even though the keypad looks weird but it is comfortable to use when you are familiar with it.

1. Bold design
2. Great camera + Flash
3. Symbian
4. great screen at the time

11. LG KC550

My 1st LG phone that i bought in Wisma Saberkas. I'm was in pink color. Overall experience with it is ok and i like its camera which is fitted with Schneider Kreuznach lenses and picture quality for a 5MP is ok but not the best (vs its Carl Zeiss counterpart). I personally like its slide mechanism which is spring loaded and sliding the phone is so easy.

1. Good 5mp camera
2. Nice construction, good spring loaded mechanism.

12. Nokia N95i

My second N-series was the N95i. It is a really2 great phone with a lot a features that i definitely loves. I has the best 5MP camera around, great design with dual sliding, slide up to reveal the numerical keypad, slide down to reveled its multimedia physical buttons which is unique in a sense of way.

1. Dual sliding
2. great camera
3. great keypad
4. good screen
5. host of connectivity options
6. symbian

13. Iphone 3G

Who could resist the mighty iphone? At the time, 3gs already out but i don't have the $ to buy one so i buy the next best thing, 3G.

1. its a iphone
2. its a iphone
3. its a iphone
4. iphone.

14. LG Optimus 2X

It was the 1st dual core phone to the world at the time, and i cant wait for the Samsung Galaxy S2 to come out, which i know it will be expensive as hell, so i bought it. At the time, it is priced at RM2299 and i get a good quality LG HDMI with it. Back at the days, dual core is really fast and furthermore this phone is powered by NVIDIA chipset with is nice. and owh, did i mention that this is my 1st android phone? using android 2.2.1 gingerbread.

15. Samsung Galaxy Note

WoW is the word most suitable describing this BEAST. The largest and biggest phone that i ever use at the moment. Great for multimedia and games. S-pen is the best of it all. i do use it a lot to not down notes on the go. The real multitasking smartphone with flagship specs.

16. Apple Iphone 4s

Iphone 4s is a major upgrade from the 3G that i owned previously. In all aspect in terms of screen resolution, built quality, chip set and camera. Due to the glass construction it is very much fragile. My front screen cracked and i haven't change it since. haha

17. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

My daily driver, my daily note taker, my mini cinema, camcoder and snapshooter. Been with my side tru thick and thin. It never fails me. I love the specs in this beast. Hopefully you continue by my side until a new one come at least. hehehe.

18. Samsung Tab S 8.4

Look at the screen. SO SO MESMERIZING!!! 2K display at its best!!! its the only reason i bought it. Videos are amazing to watch in this device. The specs is not flagship material but it will get you by through the day. My portable entertainment system!

Well, that is all folks!!!

ME as a young Civil Engineer

My life as a Civil engineer is not as long and as glamorous as other civil engineers. I just started working about 2 years ago and i want to share my experiences with interviews and stuff.

I finished my degree at IUKL, stands for Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur at 2013 and started looking for work. As a fresh grad, It is really hard to find one. I went to several jobs fairs but nothing comes from it. i opened accounts at jobstreet and any online job finder but fruitless. Browse through jobstock facebook etc, sending a dozen or 2 resumes companies but nothing at the time.

So........ at that time i am still at KL, tanam anggur jalan sini sana for about 2 months coz i still waited for all the documents from my uni are cleared. My parents are still paying for my house rent whereas their son practically do nothing for months. Well long story short, after all the documents are ready, took it and back to KCH.

KCH : Ngabis ke beras ba rumah (habis kan beras di rumah) (eat eat rice until rice finish only) PRACTICALLY NOTHING! play games, eat sleep, eat some more. sleep again (kasihan parent i). So i started looking for work a soon enough i received an interview invitation from several companies.

1. Giant Tree Sdn Bhd

My first job interview ever!!!  They were searching for qualified person to fill a vacant for site engineer. They are the main contractor for a housing project at tabuan tranquility area and since it is a big project, they looking for a candidate that can handle multiple job (site eng/site supervisor/qaqc engineer etc. Since i was a newbie/noob, they rejected me straight away ( in a good way of coz) but it kinda surprising that thier HR department shortlisted a fresh grad at the moment. Guess they do it randomly as long as you have the qualification but it is a good experience for me to polish my interview skills. Thank U!!

2. Perritech Sdn Bhd.

My interview is with Perritech is for a position of Site Engineer and it is really a good thing (coz i working with them after that - 2 years). The interview take place at KWSP building in kch and it is under the Tenaga Kerja Malaysia office. At that time i was lucky that there not much people going for the interview and i was the 2nd person ( i think) to be interviewed. At the time, there are 2 person interviewed me, Mr. Then and Mr. Alvin (remember their names coz i work with them after that haha). Both are quite active in questioning me but Mr. Then were the most lively. They were explaining to me more about the company rather than interviewing me.

I think the interview lasted around 30 minutes and a week later i received a phone call telling me that i got the job (i accept it la) and served me well for the next 2 years i worked there.

3. Jurutera Perunding Akal (JPA)

My 1st interview is with JPA. JPA consultant is located in the city of oil (miri la ya) but what the heck, dpt jalan2 jua. hahaha. At the time Perritech haven't offered me the job so i was eager to go there. I bring along my mum and we went to miri by air and stay in a hotel just near to the office. The distance from the hotel to the office is around 500m and my interview is scheduled at 9.20 AM. I reached the office at 9 and waited for my turn. Upon entering the office i need to write my attendant at the counter and there i saw a few candidates earlier than me with one girl in the office for more that 1 hour. Maybe she waited for her turn that long or she had her interview for an hour. BTW, at that time there were 2 interviewer (a man and a woman) and i presume both are from HR or maybe one of them are engineer? coz there are little to no technical question thrown at me.

From the way i answered, a bit rubbish and i just finished it under 30 minutes (way to go!) haha. What do u expect from a "fresh from the oven" graduate but surprise surprise, a week later JPA called me telling that i got the job! But due to the location of the job and i just received an offer for Perritech, i respectfully declined the job. 

4. Jabatan Kesihatan Malaysia.

Punya susah mok dpt interview but i managed to get one from SPA. It  is conducted at stallion tower (near saberkas behind Naim). Arrived there around 9am but waited until 11am for my name to be called. So i just sit there are browsing my facebook etc. I didnt study much (in my face) and wanted to do the interview based on my bulls#@t skills. So when the time they call my name, entered the room and there were 2 male interviewer, both are officer from kesihatan. Conversation has been simplified to not waste time.

Officers : Dokumen sume ade?
mua: (mampus... klaka semenanjung) errr.. ade tuan.
O : bak sini, eh, nape x letak dlm satu fail kan senang. letak ler dlm envelop pun ok. ni bagi mcni je mmg senang la nak hilang
M : err.. maaf tuan. (at the same time susun bagus2 bri ngan sida)
O : mcm 1st time je ni, 1s time ke interview SPA? nampak sangat x prepare ni.
M : yup tuan ni 1st time. slama ni x pna bgi peluang.
O : ok duduk. awk bgi tau ape keje sorang engineer ni?
M: Keje engineer bla... bla. (Bahasa baku+ sarawak+semenanjung).
O : jgn nerbes. nape x try jawatan2 lain d SPA? xkan jurutera je kot? try la yg lain2 mnetau ade nsib.
M : bukan taknak try tapi nanti kalau dah kena interview nanti payah nak jwb coz bukan bidang.
O : mm okla. tu je k? ade ape2 soalan?
M : xda tuan.
O : ok terima kasih..

muahhahaha... i fail coz i cant really speak bm fluently. Suddenly brain freeze. So from there i knew my result which is;

muahahahah!! fail

5. Naim Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Naim called me telling that they wanted to do an interview for the position of civil engineer. But 1st they want me to submit a updated resume of mine. So i did. at the time i was in Samalaju, Bintulu working on a carbon plant somewhere in the jungle and here are little phone coverage so i was lucky that i was standing in the right spot. I not quite sure when i submitted my 1st resume to them, but i think it was in a career fair at Hilton kuching 1 year ago. But sure enough a few days after i submitted the updated resume, i received a email about the details.

Luckily that time i'm on my leave (eventually resigning from Perritech), went to the interview and i notice that i am the only one there. Maybe i am early or sumting but there is no any other candidates. So i ask the HR guys and he told me that there are many candidates but most of them haven't arrived or they have been interviewed earlier.

My interview is conducted in a small meeting room in the 7th floor of the wisma naim. Present is mr. prj manager 1 (site cloths), mr. proj manager 2(smart cloth tie etc), and mr. HR. Most of the quest + technical ques asked by the site one. So maybe he at the site most of the time.

I spend around 30 min plus inside the room and i know that they are looking for manpower urgently so i kinda knew that i succeeded with this interview even though my english is tunggang terbalik at times. The HR told me that they will give me the answer in 2 weeks time AND YES in 2 week to told me that i managed to get the job. But then due to some factors here and there i decided to declined the offer coz at the same time i receive a offer from Bernas which has better benefits and everything.

6. Beras Corporation (BERNAS)

Bernas contacted my by mail telling that i got the interview for the position of site supervisor. At the time i am still with Perritech and working on a project at Samalaju Bintulu (few weeks before i knew about Naim interview). I decided to go to the interview. Take a leave, fly back to kuching and look for the office so that when the day comes, i already know the place.

I come early to the office and funny enough, the renovated the office so i have problems going into the office. But eventually i made it inside the office and went to 1st floor. I met with this one gentlemen who is one of the candidates for the interview. We chatted a lil bit, fill some forms and he will be the first one to be interviewed. Soon enough, i was my turn to shine.

The interviewer is the head of domestic rice, head of HR and head of finance. Since i'm not familiarize with our rice industry i just rambling about engineering and anything that relates to engineering. Then after i finished with my "speech" the interviewers continue with their story about the industry and how Bernas come about. The interview lasted for an hour. 1 freaking hour right? haha. for someone kaki kelentong dpt jua up to 1 hour.

They told me that i will know the answer in 2 months time and I GOT the job since they needed a officer that can speak Iban coz there are many ibans living in around the site area in Sri Aman. At that time, Naim also offered me but at the end of the day i choose Bernas lah not for they pay is better but of the benefits that they gave to me is so much better.

But then the catch is the position offered is for contract basis. But after a month of thinking it loud (chewah) i decided better seize the opportunity la.

7. Jabatan Kerja Raya Sarawak (JKR)

Every job hunter in sarawak most definitely knows about e-recruitment which is a website meant for applying for work in the state government agencies. I have my accounts since forever and in that duration of forever only once that the government invited my for a test or interview. Last year i got one.

I went for the test and to my surprise, a lot of people there (y do i even surprise?). They are 2 section in the test paper, A and B. Section A is Multiple choice question mainly about general knowledge and section B is essay. I still remember the essay part : " If you were to be selected in to JKR Sarawak, what are your contribution to the organization". As plain as that and i believe no more that 200 words ka or something like tat. So mun dah essay ya go head ajak la benda tulis harap2 sida paham sampah yg aku tulis hahaha . Tp rasanya sida paham kali sebab dlam 3 4 bulan mcm ya suruh g interview agi.

Interviewed by 4 person. building, road. hr and qs bosses i think. Lasted for about an hour. The interview is conducted for the a week long and there are alot of candidates shortlisted so i knew my chances are slim to none. But you noe what, miracles do happen n I GOT THE JOB!! (but contract basis la). Report duty date is on 1st of October and i already handed my resignation letter to Bernas with 1 month notice. Hopefully jkr will bring me a lot of success in the future and to be permanent staff as soon a possible.

8. Jabatan Hutan Sarawak

I received a test invitation for the position of civil engineer.  I never knew that jabatan hutan would want a civil engineer but when opportunity rises, u got to take it. haha

As usual the question are mostly general knowledge and i believed that there are not many candidates for civil engineering but the opening is only for 1 place. huhuhuhu mmg x kenak la tok. Then a few months later, they wanted me to go for another test, the physical test which definitely i will fail. I yet to decide whether to go or not. huhuuhh.

9 Conclusion

From all of the above what can i advice is that:

1. Wear appropriate cloths. Formal cloth with tie, slack and sole shoe would be great. 1st impression is the most important.

2. Greet with confident and shake their hand firmly with eye contact. That is what i want people to do when they greet me too.

3. Prepare any documents early, photocopy important documents early too. If they require a certified stamp from authorize person, go get it early. Better yet go to your former school headmaster, they would definitely help you for sure. Don't forget your resume with 2 updated passport pictures just in case.

4. Come atleast 30 minutes early or the most 15 minutes early.

5. Be confident. Even if your english is berterabur, use dual language as long as u r confident.

6. Typical question and how i answer
a. tell me about your self
- i always started like " when i was younger i always fascinated by construction works. I like building structures with legos coz i feel the joy of it etc etc. Please dont start with i name is blabla.. born in bla2 siblings bla2.. boring skit.

b. where do u see ur self in 100000000 years?
- i see my self with a important responsibility in the organization where as i can contribute in making important decisions............ bla2 la.

c. don't ever mention bad things about your previous company to your potential employer eventho they are really2 bad to you. Just tell your potential employee that you wanted a new challenge in a new organization.

d. in my experience, never bring up about salary unless they started it. if they dont really fond at ur estimated salary, they will try and nego it with you. then u can bargain with them. if they dont ask anything, either they agree and let hr department nego with u.

e. dont bull tooooo much. but u can bend a little bit.

f. lastly, at the end of each interview most probably interviewer will ask u " is there any quest?". try ur best to ask relevant quest but dont ask about "what does this company do?" reflects that you dont do a good research prior to the interview.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Well what happen to our blue bus? Broken? Yokohama tires are not good enough? No cech as the bus driver? no mr. conductor lampard? It been a bad bad start for the champions. 1W 2L 1D is not what champions are made of. Maybe we are just tired? or maybe we think that we are a comfortable champion last season that we take things easily this season?

I don't know the answer but i do know that IVANOVIC is not the player he was before. Seem like he is aging way too fast in the summer break. Just look how Montero of Swansea and Sterling pass him like he was nothing. Oh yeah don't forget Crystal Palace. Terry is not mr. reliable anymore. Cesc gives the ball to cheaply and his passing so far is terrible. Hazard is not hazardous by the look of it. Willian is not WILLING to created somethign special anymore. So with the rest of the squad. But Congrats to Falcao for his 1st goal in the BPL this season. That is something to be happy with.

Anyway, Jose needs to motivate his player and adjust his strategy fast. Don't really care about park bus at least we have 3 points!!! KTBFFH!!!

Rojak Kuchei

Well, 28 years and i never been to this place. Near wisma Saberkas at the old shop around the corner of the trafic light. Quite good with variety of chicken, taufu n vege. Come and try if u haven't.

After eating a plate i dont think that i can eat any more for the rest of the day. But then, i might eat something. i dono. go n enjoy it for ur self.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Yummy tummy

I love to eat. Really love food. So, here we are, eating the famous prawn in Gedong Serian. M.U.G is the name of the place which stands for Mee Udang Gumpey. Will go there again someday.